Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. When set on the connection string, this value applies to the cube or perspective level. When greater than 0, overrides the value of the corresponding CommitTimeout property in the server configuration. Although you might find blog posts recommending its usage, you should avoid setting this property unless instructed by Microsoft Support. However, you must use Windows Authentification. OLE DB provider can format requests and responses in binary or compressed format.

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The user identity is provided to the server so that events or errors that include user identity can be recorded in the log files.

Verifies that all data is received from the client, that it has not been changed in transit, oxbc protects the privacy of the data by encrypting it. Currently, the default behavior is equivalent to 2, where aggregations include values that are hidden from the user.

Sets the name of the application associated with the connection. Analysis Services creates this key when you create a database, and encrypts connection string information based on the Analysis Services startup account.

Everything works great except with certain dimensions, drillthroughs or measures added to a report we suddenly get this following error:.

A database can contain multiple cubes and perspectives. If the connection to a data source requires a user name and password, you can have Analysis Services store the name and password with the connection string, or prompt you for the name and password each time a connection to the data source is required. Specifies the name of the Analysis Services database to connect to.


SSPI supports multiple packages, but you can use this property to specify a particular package.

sql – SQL MSOLAP & SSRS Class not registered error with certain dimension – Stack Overflow

Analysis Services uses Windows Authentication only, but you can set properties on the connection string to pass in a specific user name and password. On an Analysis Services connection, putting credentials on molap command line is used only when the server is configured for HTTP access, and msolao specified Basic authentication instead of integrated security on the IIS virtual directory. The server process can also make outgoing calls to other servers while acting on behalf of the client.

The default network packet size is Ignore specifies that missing values should be ignored. The server can impersonate the msoap identity for authorization purposes but cannot access system objects as the client. Valid values are 0 through 9, with 0 having least compression, and 9 having the most compression.

Authenticates only when the client establishes obdc relationship with a server. Analysis Services then uses the appropriate decrypted key to decrypt the data source connection string information ocbc Analysis Services needs to connect to a data source. A bitmask indicating which of the following query response optimizations are enabled. Binary format encodes XML elements and attributes, making them smaller. The latter is easier, but makes it impossible to use personalized access rights in the database server.


Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Determines how long, in milliseconds, the commit phase of a currently running command waits before rolling back. The client identity can be impersonated, but only when the connection is established, and not on every call. Our product leverages Analysis Services combined with Reporting Services, we recently made some changed to add compatability for SQL Odcb one of the above methods to choose, largely depends on your specific needs and on the configuration of the SQL server.

The default value is 0. In the case of Power Pivot, it is not used for authorization purposes.

In our case, this will be MDX multidimensional expressions. Data means that no calculations are allowed. Specifies whether SQL queries include calculations.

Client libraries (data providers) used for Analysis Services connections

Notice that User ID has an embedded space. Default uses a server-defined value. Performs no authentication on data sent to the server.

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