There is so much random software around there that’s just as fleeting in its usefulness. I just uninstalled that shit and I think I’ll look at another alternative at this point. The only thing I can think of is that you can’t make money on it, so someone literally has to do it from the goodness of their heart. Then again I haven’t booted it up in years. Then in the instructions it says you need the dongle.

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Is it possible for you to revert back to the controller behaving like ps3 controller after you have done this? I let everything load, got rid of the widgets, made sure steam doesn’t start up and update on computer startup, and packed all game shortcuts into my dedicated game folder. Oct 4, 8, 0 I operate it right out of a little folder on my desktop.

Motioninjoy (or DS3 tool) is not working :: Help and Tips

This on the other hand worked perfectly in seconds. I unplugged the controller and restarted again.


There’s no reason for that to be the case for controller driver software KePoW said: All I get is a wonf page. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

Can’t really go wrong with anything on the top half of this chart. The UI is ugly, but I’ve used the drivers for years with zero problems.

Suspicious Activity Detected

The amount of detail the dev goes into for Bluetooth compatibility is awesome, but ultimately irrelevant for those of us who don’t have Bluetooth capability in our computers. Oct 24, 11, 0 0. I’m surprised no one has created an alternative My PC gaming has picked up quite a bit lately so a new mouse and probably keyboard are a must. It works just as well as on a PS3, plug in, wait a second, and it works.

AlexBasch Member Jan 26, Mottionjoy must be PS3 related.

Using Sixaxis on your PC? Stay away from MotionInJoy

Chesskid1 Banned Jan 26, Gentleman Jack Member Jan 26, Mar 11, 21, 0 0. You might not see the “. I’ll try tomorrow I suppose.

It works as intended but I simply want a driver that emulates a controller and that’s it. When I realised it was actually some sort of ad, I suddenly got very skeptical about the integrity of my system. Also you can’t have a DS4 and DS3 connected at once.


Using Sixaxis on your PC? Stay away from MotionInJoy | NeoGAF

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Start a New Discussion. Honestly as much as I love this chart using laser mice is not always a detriment.

Far too light for my taste, but I know people like it so what the heck.

I’ll give this a try later. C-Drive Member Jan 26, LeleSocho Member Jan 26, Dec 20, 0 0 33 Canada. What’s weird is that, prior to installing anything, Big Picture detected the PS3 controller, but didn’t let me actually do anything with it.

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