S and International clientele. Sorry to hear about your troubles. Kerrven May 12, at 7: Features Raising the standard for compact recording interfaces. Our preamp circuitry is aligned precisely with the onboard analog-to-digital conversion to always provide you with the most headroom and the lowest noise and distortion possible.

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Hi Patrick, I had similar issues tracking audio with the original v1.

New Mackie Blackjack v Driver – Joel Carlo

wlndows I also tried to download. Joel January 1, at 9: Kyle August 29, at 2: Features Raising the standard for compact recording interfaces. Suggestions The Onyx Blackjack is begging you to connect it to something.

I had similar issues tracking audio with the original v1. The latency was still there, but could at least record directly into Cubase and Wavelab without any stuttering.

It had one little mxckie that necessitated a reboot, but works fine other than that. I had to run the driver setup in compatibility mode and it installed.

When the operation finishes restart your computer in order to use the updated driver. Joel May 10, at Instalation never finishes blackjxck. I had mixed thoughts before i got this because of all its reviews from users all around. Regardless, I managed to make due this way for the last 7 months. Regardless, thank you Mackie. Only download this driver.


New Mackie Blackjack v3.0 Driver

Kacper January 1, at 8: Learn how your comment data is processed. Its very disapointing in that Mackie have failed miserably with this device after it showed so much promise, they should be ashamed!

Skip to main content. This driver is digitally signed by Mackie Audio. And with a full 60dB of available gain, would-be competitors are left in the dust. Personally, I would just buy a new soundcard.

MRmk3 Series Studio Monitoring.

Mackie Onyx Blackjack Windows 10 Drivers Fix

Thanks Joel I might just go with that. The install was pretty straight forward and comes with a set of instructions for upgrading from both v1.

Both the USB streaming mode and Asio buffer size are directly related and you may receive a warning window which will notify you if you have set the buffer size to small for the current stream mode. S and International clientele. Here’s some ideas for you. So I returned it. Simply Terrible, driver version 3 still pretty much unusable on my laptop, tried every buffer setting at every sample rate and streaming audio such as mp3 glitches and grinds like aphex twin on a bad day trying to make ears bleed.


There has been a long discussion on the Mackie forums regarding the Blackjack driver issues which is actually pretty insightful and definitely opened my eyes a bit as to how driver engineering is approached. Streaming audio was a different story.

The studio monitor and headphone outputs have independent level controls for maximum flexibility. Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads.

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