Input lag is impressive at a minimal 5ms, making the Eizo Foris FS ideal for competitive gaming. This data will only be used to respond to your inquiry. The other dimension of image quality: Its size is both roomy and compact, and keeps you from having to swing your head around to catch all the action. See our Bright Pixel Policy for details. In terms of adjustment, the offers tilt, rotation and height adjustment.

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Medal Electronic Engineering Co. The Eizo Foris FS avoids the gaudy aesthetic treatment and instead goes for a subdued, but sophisticated vibe, with reasonable bezels on each side. To begin with, it is in the class of inch WQHD Hz displays clearly the one with the best image quality.

New Industrial Zone P. Ordering and questions 1 or contact us. Please send inquiries if you are located in North America. Regardless of what games console, PC, or multimedia application you want to connect, the monitor has the right interface for you. Khaled Eslamboli Vozara Ave. This doris is what you want instead. Using this software, you can download the gaming presets of the professional gamers you admire or upload your own to share with friends.

If you prefer to have your monitor on the wall rather than your eizl, just use the included VESA mount. Another flash of red can be spotted in the cable clip at the base of the stand.


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It allows color adjustment and other monitor settings to be made conveniently using a smartphone. This grants you a valuable tactical edge. If you reside in a country not listed on this page, then please send your e-mail inquiries.

Xtreme Harware Italy August 28, Gold award 4. The bezel on the sides of the monitor measure 14 mm, making it a long way from frameless, but if you are looking to set up multiple monitors, you can still expect a nice experience.

The WQHD x screen has a high pixel density to render images in extreme detail. Wenecka 12, Warszawa Telephone: Back and neck tension are a thing of the past. On the safe side with EIZO’s 5-year warranty with on-site replacement service.


All-in-One Gaming with Multiple Connections Gaming with Comfort Play games or watch videos in comfort with a stand that offers a wide range of adjustment options. It’s equipped with a 27″ p IPS panel with a refresh rate of Hz and supports FreeSync, AMD’s counterpart to Nvidia’s G-Sync – a technology that’s used to offer a perfectly smooth, tear-free picture for when you play your favorite games as long as you stay within the so-called FreeSync range.


Alongside the refresh rate of Hz, AMD’s FreeSync and the blinking backlight ensure the fluid, clear display of moving images without artifacts. Unlike most other monitors, the Foris FS actually offers two of those, Hz and Hz, to ensure great performance regardless of the quality of your PC setup.

Even the latest Radeon RX might struggle with some intensive titles, so having a smooth variable refresh rate solution which does not incur any performance penalties could come in handy. Both the LCD panel and main body are covered under this warranty, so long as usage time is less than 30, hours. The microprocessor developed by EIZO guarantees that commands are displayed on the screen with a maximum delay of just 0. Going from a 60 Hz to a Hz monitor is, in my opinion, the biggest, most dramatic upgrade to the overall gaming experience one can make.

Click here for local Business Partner information. The IPS panel offers wide viewing angles, vivid color, and deep blacks. O Box Hazmieh, Beirut, Lebanon. With FreeSync enabled, you can enjoy a tear-free gaming experience with no stuttering either.

All monitor functions can also be controlled via G-Ignition.

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