Did you install the bluetooth drivers through some option that overwrites another I forgot NEVER, install the Bluetooth drivers, they never worked for me and in the end, an attempt to uninstall Motionjoy, I was unable to use my Bluetooth. If not, then I recommend checking Device Manager. I went to uninstall it, and there’s literally an EXE in the root folder thats called “uninst”. It pisses me off more than you can imagine. Sep 9, 10, 1 If you’re lucky they won’t self install on your new pc in your new house.

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Remember to run motionihjoy prompt as an administrator! Here you go bud http: MMaRsu Member Jul 29, Distributed Computing – General. BBboy20 Member Jun 28, You must log in or register to reply here. I had a nightmare uninstalling these drivers too, all so I could play mortal kombat komplete with a decent dpad.

This page was last modified on 21 Novemberat I just didn’t know how bad it was until recently when I discovered and decided to install the SCP driver package.


Forums Discussions Gaming Discussion. You have to run a couple of commands in the command prompt to remove it entirely after uninstalling the application. Are you an emulator developer? Feb 17, 6, 0 0 CT www. Better format the entire drive, also replace your USB ports, that cancer spreads everywhere.

Can’t uninstall Motioninjoy. Help needed|

All motioinnjoy posts will be removed. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Comments stepping significantly over the line will be removed- use some common sense. Member Jul 29, Thread starter jwk94 Start date Jul 29, Think I got it last time I tried which was just last week actually, it was crashing Dark Souls when I used my controller.

How do I uninstall motioninjoy? : emulation

What’s the hate for motioninjoy? I went to uninstall it, and there’s literally an EXE in the root folder thats called “uninst”.

If you’re lucky they won’t self install on your new pc in your new house. Next select the “driver” tab at the top, then at the bottom choose “uninstall”, then in the new window that opens place a tick in the box to “delete the driver software for this device”, then click OK and you are done, it should now be gone.


Sep 2, 1, 0 0 edinburgh. Don’t ask for or link directly to pirated software or copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder. Which requires motioninjoy to be removed. Uninstalling that shit is no joke.

Jun 4, 37, 0 0 Netherlands. Dec 5, 4, 0 0 Sweden. Typed “regedit” in the search bar and opened it.

MotioninJoy – Emulation General Wiki

Send the moderators a message if you’d like a motionijnoy flair reflecting that. Parent commenter can toggle NSFW or delete. Jan 17, 13, 0 0. Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. Some registry keys are still in there but according to that page they shouldn’t cause any problems Please abide by reddit’s site-wide rules on self-promotion.

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