Answered on Dec 07, Make no mistake, this is a professional-grade tool. If you do any work in darker areas, like underneath stairwells or in crawl spaces, the Makita FDWDEX comes with a great little Fluorescent Work Light that will light up when you pull the trigger slightly. The motor in this driver runs on More power then my I am sure there is a thing i have to mail, etc, but i am right now too busy to deal with running to the UPS, writng up anything.

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Answered on Aug 31, The impact driver is a must and this is the best battery powered work light I’ve used.

Makita Cordless Impact Driver FDWDEX

Still have an untrustowrthy impach standing on the floor next to my desk. More power then my I have this sander. Answered on Mar 21, Answered on May 14, So I soldered a new 40amp fuse in and as soon as I pulled the trigger it blew again. Answered on Sep 05, Answered on Dec 07, Answered impat Oct 12, Answered on Mar 15, I’m stumped any one have any ideas.

This is a great combo. I am sure there is a thing i have to mail, etc, but i am right now too busy to deal with running to the UPS, writng up anything.


Posted on Mar 12, Be the first to answer. Posted on Sep 06, Be the first to answer.

Tanner Door Security Hardware – Makita Power Tools

This package is nothing but power. Template guide bushes are flimsy and easily damaged and so it is expected router users will mskita buying spares and other sizes. 6935fdweex on Sep 09, Be the first to answer. All three pieces are Makita quality, and the price on this combo beats buying them separately. I would have bought this at a local big box store, but this is an item they no longer carry.

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Hanging doors, installing windows and cabinets, driving screws in decks, fences, bolts in deck posts and handrails, foundation bolts, just about any project you can think of involving threaded fasteners is made easier with a cordless impact driver. Make no mistake, this 6935cdwdex a professional-grade tool. Torque, torque and more torque!

You may need to buy a set of special screwdriver bits to get these out. When I got home I tore it apart cuz I’m a diy guy and there is a 40amp fuse inside that was blown. The rotary hammer impact does all the work your shoulder and arm would normally do. The motor in this driver runs on And the integrated high-output LED really does light up the workpiece, saving you time and frustration.


Another great benefit is that while ordinary drill drivers may strip the Phillips-head screws, the bit almost never jumps out the head of the screw, so you can drive fasteners all the way to flush without stripping them.

Makita Cordless Impact Driver 6935FDWDEX

Most power tools now have security screws in them to stop people opening them up. Cant turn adjutment knob without using a wrench. For those new to this kind of tool, and wondering what is the advantage of an impact drill over a regular cordless drill. Answered impactt Jun 20, I’ve pushed the impact driver way harder than it’s probably intended but it’s still going strong

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