PS I own this model see pic. They all SAY playing, but they don’t move across time, just sit as if paused forever till I hit stop. I’d go and uninstall the M-Audio driver you currently have, and get the correct one for your device. Like the interface is sending some signal to my computer that is stopping Reaper from playing tracks? Originally Posted by krm An M-Audio tech suggested checking that and also the “Allow projects to override device sample rate” and so I chekced both of those, no change. Weird, but then I’m not that tech-savvy.

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So, the problem seems to be between the Quad and my computer, rather than Reaper specifically. Thank you for your prompt reply.

So it’s definitely an issue with the interface. I’m re installing operating system to see if that helps Ken. I’d go and uninstall the M-Audio driver you currently have, and get the correct one for your device. Some seem to get it working, some have issues.

Though at this time I’m not optimistic If I plug it in before installing the driver, no “default” driver emerges, it just does not work, is not recognized, etc.


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Cannot get Reaper to work with M-Track Quad interface – Cockos Incorporated Forums

Find More Posts by 4x4uk. No other pograms opened except iTuens or Chrome. What do you mean by “MPC”? Have a look at post 3 here, for example screenshots: It ought to be a class action lawsuit to do that. Thankfully there was another asio driver out there that will work with the e10!

Then I tried just checking tgack but not the other, no change.

DarkStar asked for pics I would note that I DID include a pic in my original post of the audio device Reaper screen back a week or so ago. So this interface saio work fine with Reaper, I guess I just got a lemon.

Just found an old asio driver from Fiio, the manufacturer of the e10k, and I’ve got the audio working in Reaper now on my win7 netbook.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Sadly, my thread was totally hijacked and no one gave a single suggestion for how to get my M-Track Quad to work with Reaper. All times are GMT Why is it now invisible to my computer’s Sound manager, but ttack to Reaper, when originally it was visible albeit not working for both?


Attached Images MTrack Screen. Create a new topic About this Problem 6.

Cubase + M-audio m-track quad ASIO issues –

You’ll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. Originally Posted by DarkStar. Same exact issue you’re having and my laptop is brand new. I hope someone has a solution to this, because I’m having the exact same issue with my fiio e10 that I want to use for my usb soundcard. This should install the generic USB audio drivers which should allow you to use the device for normal playback. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.

I had no issues previously using my emu as a usb audio device. You’re opening Guitar Rig in standalone, not as a plugin?

Not a problem Acknowledged In progress Solved. Send a private message to DarkStar. Any other programs open at the same time as Guitar Rig?

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