X seems to have started fine with no xorg. Does anyone know if this is an Ubuntu bug or a Grub bug? Powered by php B. Thanks to all fellow users. Thats it, we are done. Anyone knows when exactly? I have compiled the vaapi enabled mplayer but it won’t play video audio works saying something like bad video codec or something.

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I think the original problem blank sceen, blinking cursor is most probably due to a buggy bios as many have speculated.

Since this is such a difficult problem, it might be worth a try to use native grub. Depending on your version of syslinux when it executes it might show a boot: The LBA might be a clue.

Linux on Kohjinsha SA1F0

I just don’t want to hand off something that won’t even boot. That said, Peppermint runs very nicely. You end up with a segmentation fault http: What can I say mate, you are absolutely right. The SC has the benefit of having an easy to use Qwerty keyboard, with real keys and full notebook functionality.


When you finally work around http: Who knows, you might actually solve the problem for all mankind! I had a little trouble with the correct path to the kernel and initrd. Do you have any other suggestions about ways to backup only the restore partition and the windows partition? I’ve read that the dell mini uses kohjisnha screen drivers. That may be something to look into. GPS Antenna Jack After that post, I got busy with some other stuff like setting up the winxp installer on usb so kohjiinsha out grub2 got delayed.

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Easier said than done, for as soon as you do it you realize that grub simply cannot chainload to a boot loader in a logical partition http: The other thing I have tried is boot with the koujinsha, then at the grub menu select boot from first hard drive.

Hope this was helpful. Thru 5 countries, airplane trips, being stowed in check-in luggage, dropped five times by now mostly from a height of 0. Thanks to everyone in this thread! I’d commend it to everyone who needs truly portable computing on the llnux.

The wireless stppoed working, and the touchscreen is intermittent internal USB is flaky? This was her idea, as she’s interested in ubuntu. Anyone with an SC3 that has had success please let me know how you did it!!! I was going to “give thanks” to the people in this thread, but apparently ubuntu forums removed the “thanks” feature. Then on a separate partition installed openSuSE Kohijnsha anyone tried with the new bios http: I tried to identify which effect was causing it but even after turning all effects off it still caused the black bar.


So, I have tried a whole bunch kohjinsba distros and they all have the same symptoms. Bravehearts can skip this step. Its going to make the device a real nice to your buy.

My progress bar: Wifi working in my Kohjinsha with Linux!

Juz a token of tot. I’d like try use Wireless XP driver on Ubuntu, what do you think about it?

This is my extlinux.

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