It happened last time. The future will likely be upcoming bundles of glasses and drivers, complete with proper glasses activaters that don’t necessarily need a direct link to the software. This is something you get used to, and it’s only noticable really when the scene is high contrast and has a lot of dark screen area. On top of that sits another LCD panel, only this one without the color filters. This is more of a proof of concept driver release for something else in development. IZ3D are totally invested, so you’d expect them to try hard. And I’ve found, in my tests, that Ogre works great.

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Game Development, Shuyter Development, Porting http: Your name or email address: I anticipate some changes to Ogre will be needed, but not sure yet. I want no extra orbital resolutions.

iZ3D HZ1 3D Monitor Review – Page 2 of 6 – ExtremeTech

If your dongle supports blc the dongle should also be able to keep sync even if fps drops. Actually I agree with you actually. Well, I just uninstalled the iZ3D drivers and finally my nVidia Quadro started working as I wanted and for the applications which not support stereo it started generating the hz sync signal out! No batteries to charge, no wireless or wired connection, nothing. All this relies on a special iZ3D driver.


I’m currently on 1. But the single biggest reason I’ve decided to start working with Ogre is because you need DirectX to make s3d game compatible with the new Nvidia and iz3d systems.

I’ll check if my dongle supports that when I get it. Well, I don’t think E-D supports “sync-double” but they should support ahutter which is needed for interlaced mode. But there is one problem.

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It happened last time. I’m getting the e-dimensional wireless glasses hasn’t arrived yet because I am very, very sick of my anaglyph glasses I’ve been using for some time. Thx for your input, ill borrow a HD Well, not exactly – but no matter.

Hot Pursuit — fixed problem where shadow from objects were covering huge areas. I hardly notice it now, but it can be off-putting at first.

We also use a synthetic test developed for PC Magazine that moves a small box around the screen at high speed, allowing us to easily see potential ghosting with high speed content. Iz3d may have reduced this colour issue recently. Last edited by Zerofool on Mon Dec 20, 6: Be aware that the shutter glasses version has a slightly different architecture, and it is more buggy with video games than the other version because many of the profile updates and other fixes are not yet included.


I don’t understand how or why it would go out of range. Google [Bot] and 0 guests.

Combined with a polarizing filter and color filters, this changes the amount of light that passes through each color filter and changes the color and brightness of the pixel. If I start games with iZ3D active but without the activator everything is fine. There is no sbutter or flicker with their extremely clever single display solution. This monitor is more blue than it should be: As you pass charge through LCD pixels, it changes the polarization of the light passing through.

Blue is a mess, and is responsible for the color tracking seen in the previous graph. Bob Raikes izd the Founder of Meko Ltd. For those of you interested in LCD shutter glasses support with iZ3D’s stereoscopic 3D drivers, there is a separate version to download. Tue Feb 12, But unfortunately that’s not the case – because then the manufacturers couldn’t market their OWN shutter glasses and their OWN software.

The color space is pretty close to sRGB.

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