In a public Loop the nodes register with their World Wide Name at the FL-port of the switch and get a 3 byte identifier assigned, i. For each hardware module on the system, ioscan displays by default the hardware path to the hardware module, the class of the hardware module, and a brief description. Known problems fixed in this version. Disk capacities are These so called soft addresses are used to address e. Should not the LTO4 tapedevice be showing too?

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Point-To-Point; direct connection between two nodes.

It is invoked using the device file of the FC adapter see ioscan -fnk. Chinese Sign up now for customized driver, security, patch, and support email alerts.

The old device files will continue to exist until removed with the rmsf 1M command. Enter the following command: Let’s look if the hosts see disks.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

The fact that you are seeing LUNZ proves that connectivity is there. The transmitting diode of one device is connected to the receiving diode of the other and vice versa.

A storage device or host that operates according to FC-AL protocol. The loop ids below are dynamically to/ts/xl2.

I need to do some research on my part to see which ports need to be open between the host agent and the array however this hasnt been an issue in the past to my knowledge. In a Fabric environment, this node may be created as a dummy node if the HBA is scanned when it cannot see the Fabric for example, no cable attached, switch down, etc.


HP Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters : HP PCI Tachyon TL/TS/XL2 Fibre Channel Driver Release Notes

DA TachyonRevision B. A channel is typically used in situations where a high transfer rate is needed e. If it is not easy to access the label printed on the HBA, one way to look up these. Quality and Testing Security Security Research.

HP-UX 11v1 + DP + Quantum i40 FC connected LTO – Micro Focus Community

An access fairness algorithm may be used optionally in order to give all other tk/ts/xl2 the possibility to arbitrate the loop befor the same node gets access again. Well known channel protocols are e.

Sorry for the late reply. Default of 0 lets the system decide. Hi dshetler, You can manually register the HBA. These so called soft addresses are used to address e. For SAS connections you must tachyob point to point connections, for Fibre channel you can connect via a switch, however our recommendation is also point to.

Now the HP-UX host should be registered successfully. For hardware paths associated with non-array LUNs, the Port ID is set to the value for direct connect controller. A value of 1 indicates that more the 64 ports may be handled concurrently. Please NOTE that if there are many paths between the HP-UX host and the storage, for example, four paths; then all these four paths should be manually registered. I do see lunz’s presented to the system through ioscan which tells me there is some level of connectivity between the array and the host.


Should not the LTO4 tapedevice be showing too? However, the Array does not see it as a valid host. The opinions expressed above are the personal opinions of the authors, not of Micro Focus.

How to install fiber channel card drivers

Top Contributors Last 30 Days. Like most of the ring topologies the setup of an AL is simplified by using hubs, because standardized cables can be used. Note that for most switches, the Domain will map to a switch instance, an area id will map to a physical connector on the switch, and the port id will only be used non zero if there is an Arbitrated Loop configured behind the switch connector. About device drivers and files for persistent DSFs.

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