My irons are D7 and it feels pretty close to those. But it only took a few swings for me to know that the R11S was the club I wanted in my bag when I took on some of the great links courses of southwestern Scotland on a recent trip. November 5, Last active: I will say this, even riding in a golf cart at full speed with the wind, you could still feel the wind on the back of your neck. Didn’t notice a change in flight or trajectory but did get the swing weight down to D4 which was reasonable. There are four risk reward holes on our course.

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I have not had this happen with this club at all. I would say that all things considered I was not significantly different that where I would normally be distance wise with any tee shot. As I stated earlier, the white head is taylofmade brilliant marketing move. Once again, I was particularly impressed with the turf interaction with the sole.

Can’t hrit my R11 driver. Advertise with us Privacy Terms. I was looking forward to seeing how it performed under links golf conditions, and also to experimenting with its setup as I went along.

Can’t hrit my R11 driver

But maybe once a year I will pull out the driver but the least bit off line and you are hitting out of the rough after you have found your ball. I think at the demo initially I’m concentrating on making good contact. That is very precise Posted 04 August – Posted April 7, The first one on the range was not good and of course the ball did not go far.


I am glad you asked Jax. The white color is a non issue after 10 swings or so My test method was pretty straight forward. March 2, Last active: The popup will be closed in 10 seconds In the dry months the fairway really runs so any tee shot that goes more than can run all the way into the water.

The beauty of all this adjustability, of course, is that you can set up the club to provide the optimum launch angle, flight path, and spin rate for your swing, the result of which is the kind of distance and consistency that you only dream of. Of course coming from the Callaway driver, with no markings at all on the top even the R11 is busy.

Didn’t notice a change in flight or trajectory but did get the swing weight down to D4 which was reasonable. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free.

TaylorMade R11S driver is a step beyond the rest

Want to join this community? I’m thinking maybe its a hard dogleg that’s not cuttable, so your distance off the tee is restricted, but if the dogleg was that sharp I wouldn’t think that the wind you had would affect both shots to that extent. When you pick up the R11S, the first thing you notice is that it feels light. What is the R11 set on now?

  67014 XP DRIVER

Can’t hit my new R11 driver. – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

I’ve been reading threads here and other forums regarding the heavy head R11s. Sign in Already have an account?

I am sure it is just the paint but they look so long. I would probably have dual 1 gram weights but just want to test on the range first.

Hitting R11 without weights in the head

Would you be so kind to show everyone this link? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. It is slight dogleg with a creek at but carries it.

So I need a fairway wood that I can hit off the deck occasionally but off the box and not give up much distance from my old driver.

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