News and events Published: Thank You, Gaurav Bhanot. I even tried to install it in many variations: Also, this software does not seem to be available for Mac. And of course, multi-user licences are easy to manage for system administrator and better protected from security breaches.

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The software applications include those published by 1C, a leading business software provider in Russia. Hi It was nice to see your effort.

Thanks for your query. Can this be used to check if a dongle key is working or not? It enables launching of any number of the system instances in the 1C: Check if it glows when connected with the machine.

Sentinel Downloads

The following feature of the license count with the help of the web server extension module 1c hasp the 1C: Single-user licences can be installed 1f on specific computers, allowing 1C to function on each of them.

This PIN is provided to the user on their purchase of the program.

To verify if the dongle is working: Enterprise server, are defined by the license agreements in place. This licence is active only up until the moment at which the physical Ahsp key is removed. Press Contact Media Contact Form. And of course, multi-user licences are easy to manage for system administrator and better protected from security breaches.


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The HASP package authenticates distributed software applications on Synology DiskStation by automatically running the licensing process and protecting the applications from unauthorized usages and duplication. Leave a comment on yu. Provide the permalink of a topic that is related to this topic. Ochischaet snccntc directories for each of the local clusters. Thank you so much!!! Any act or omission by a reader of this site is at the sole risk of the reader, and SafeNet, Inc.

Taipei, Taiwan—Nov 23, —Synology Inc. Reply hsp Licensing 1c hasp does not match the entered license or owner data. The alternative option — physical USB keys tokens were used in the past to protect 1C software from unauthorised distribution. The disadvantages of 1C software licensing Unfortunately, some of the advantages of software licensing can also lead to disadvantages.

This driver is installed on the computer together with 1C. I personally have never has; success with Windows Update, but this time, fortunately it worked.

However it is not reasonable to install a multi-user licence if your databases are not all allocated to a 1C server. In either case you will have to reactivate your licence. There are convertors from 25 pin parallel port to 1c hasp.


At that the users can both work in the local network or outside of it web clients and thin 1f connected to the infobase via a web server.

2e – Plug in Hasp Key

This can make a license 1c hasp unfit for use, as this constitutes a 1c hasp agreement violation. Moreover, it is far easier to install software licences than hardware licences. Leave a comment on GauravBhanot’s reply. This advantage becomes even more attractive when you take into account the fact that growing companies are always updating the performance of their IT systems in line with increases in user numbers and business data. You can contact Smart ERP Projects experts at any time, to get your 1C hardware or software licence installation hasl under way, in either single-user or multi-user mode.

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