I am a pilot who has been watching this thread hoping to find an answer to this issue. Rim virtual serial port Free Download Home. Wednesday, April 29, 5: It basically turns your phone into an external bluetooth GPS antenna. GpsGate will find the GPS even if you do not know the port number or the baud rate. It has a much larger antenna for better signal strength.

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Franson GpsGate

As I stated earlier I can get OziExplorer to locate me using the location API but it does not give any other data such as speed or direction so it is of limited use when trying to use “Moving Map”.

Make sure that the GPS cable is plugged into the communications COM port on your oort and that no other program is using it.

It is also clear that customers who have previous versions of Autoroute, or other navigation software that is written to interface to GPS devices via virtual COM ports, will not be able to use their products with the built-in GPS sensor on a Windows 8 tablet. SinceFranson Technology has been developing and marketing quality applications for GPS users, as well as components for software developers.

Proposed as answer by magioros Tuesday, August 27, 9: Sometimes I think that the whole of Microsoft’s documentation has deliberately been sent through an obfuscation generator From my little reading Android and iPads seem to do the job. Why have Microsoft not included support for this feature which has worked well for decades?


You must create a virtual com port pair com 1 and com 2, than let gps-gate send output on com 1 and receive the gps data with your application on com 2. Tuesday, January 14, 7: I din’t try Franson’s GPSGate because win 8 is not mention in their requirements and it needs, in any case, a com port So, for now, geolocation, on win 8 is useless One more thing. Edited by Utrinque Paratus Saturday, August 31, 2: The sensors are working. How does the internal GPS receiver appear in Device manager?

As I said pprt, the right hand of Microsoft has not the faintest idea what the left hand is doing.

GpsGate – Connect a GPS application to GpsGate

Shame the Metro App Maps will only use the Location Services driver that derives location data from seriao as my mobile hot spot can’t provide that information accurately when youre on the move, obviously. Monday, February 11, 3: GpsGate will find the GPS even if you do not know the port number or the baud rate.

It has a much larger antenna for better signal strength. And none of my friends could not run even one navigation program!


If your inside a house, place it near a window. Free Music Zilla With Franson GpsGate, powerboaters and sailors can access their navigation systems and, at the same time, use other GPS software. There is nothing in Windows 8 that appeals to me.

Run Many GPS Applications Using One GPS

Don’t mess with the GPS setup. I thought that I’d take a look at Microsoft AutoRoute for myself and check whether it would work with a Windows 8 tablet that had a built-in GPS sensor. Normally you want to check sdrial want to share my GPS between several appications”. Wednesday, January 7, Simulator – Define a set of waypoints and GpsG I was having a problem with the Windows Location Provider, and had fransln.biz uninstall the driver and let Windows reinstall it.

They have delivered a broken product. Are you getting an accurate location in Bing Maps? This driver is intended p rim arily for webcams that were sold without Macintosh s Saturday, August 31, 2: Regards Peter R Ferguson.

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