Check you’re allowed to drive. Are there any learner driver passenger restrictions? Make sure the learner driver is insured to drive the vehicle they are using for private practice. Is this page useful? If the supervising driver has ever been disqualified from driving, the period of the disqualification does not count towards the three year requirement, because the licence was not valid while they were disqualified.

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Some insurance companies require the person supervising you to be over 25 years old.

This can be by a driving instructor or someone else who accompanykng the rules, for example family or friends. If the vehicle is owned accompajying the learner, the supervising driver will usually be covered on the learner driver’s own insurance and, therefore, does not have to be insured separately. To help us improve GOV. Please click here for our Christmas and New Year’s opening hours.

As with any other vehicle used on the roads, cars used for teaching learner drivers must be taxed and have a valid MOT. Be advised that you can get an unlimited fine, be banned from driving and get up to eight penalty points for driving without insurance. Practising with family or friends Anyone you practise your driving with without paying them must: Please select a rating for lsarner website experience.


UK uses cookies to make the site simpler. Once they have received it they can drive a car on the road but not on motorways under supervision and while displaying L Plates or D Plates in Wales.

They must have physically received their licence before driving on the road. Can learner drivers drive at night?

When you are supervising a learner driver, you have the same legal responsibilities as if you were driving. Get together with your instructor and the person who will be helping you to practise and discuss what you need to focus on.

What would you like to give feedback on today? The best way to ensure that you meet the minimum eyesight standard for driving is to dbla an eyesight test at an opticians before starting to learn to drive and then every two years, or more often if the optician advises.

Rules & Legal Obligations for Supervising Learner Drivers

You must pass your lezrner test before you can book your driving test. You always brought my policies down yearly without me having to question that and you have always been very efficient in the handling of documentation.

What were you doing? You need a provisional driving licence to book your theory test. You can start driving as soon as you pass your driving test. The learner will be asked to demonstrate this knowledge as part of their driving test.


The licence will only come into effect on your 16th birthday.

Drivers must also have an adequate field of vision and a visual acuity of at least decimal 0. Rules for learner drivers and riders Before you start to drive or ride, you must: Learner drivers can carry as many passengers as the vehicle can legally hold.

Supervising driver laws/rules for B+E & LGV

Rules for Supervising Learner Drivers Are you supervising a learner driver? Do a pre-drive check, with your learner, before practice drives, so that they know how to keep the car in a safe and legal condition, and get them into the habit of doing regular checks. Before you begin to learn to drive or ride any vehicle, make sure that you know the rules and restrictions that apply to you.

It will take only 2 minutes to fill in. Rules for supervising a learner driver The supervising driver must: Check you’re allowed to drive.

Check you’re allowed to drive. Sometimes tricky situations lezrner and the supervisor takes over from the learner driver, or perhaps the supervisor drives the car initially until they reach a quiet area in which to practice.

Is this page useful?

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