When a service is selected the port ranges are automatically configured. Pin Assignments Appendix B: Enter the source IP address. Other trademarks or brand names More information. Organization Name The exact legal name of your organization. The DSL Settings dialog box allows you to select an appropriate modulation mode.

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In standard mode, as in all prior releases, multicast traffic will flood to all bridge ports when there is no client subscribes to any multicast group even when IGMP snooping is enabled. All statistics screens are updated every 15 seconds.

Test Description Ethernet Connection Pass: Changing the default gateway or the DNS effects the whole system. Organization Name The exact legal name of your organization.


If the router fails to power up, cotmrend it malfunctions, first verify that the power supply is connected correctly. This are read only contents of the former OpenWrt wiki system. The individual More information. Destination Subnet Mask Enter destination subnet mask.


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Chapter 6 Advanced Setup This chapter explains: This manual in whole or in part, may not be reproduced, translated, or reduced to any machinereadable form without. Enter source subnet mask. If the log level is set to Error, only Error and the level above will be logged.

Chapter 2 Installation 2.

User Manual V 1. Save button only saves the LAN configuration data.

You can either manually customize the router or follow the online instruction to set up the router. Enter the internal port starting number when you select Custom Server. The following screen appears. If a test displays a fail status, click Rerun Diagnostic Tests at the bottom of this page to make sure the fail status is consistent. For example, if the IP address is Days of the Week: This site was designed with the.

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Type the IP address for the router in the Web address field. Select Quick Setup and click Next. To add a parental control, simply click the Add button. The results are displayed as follows.


The receiver of the response MUST ignore any unrecognized methods. If the firewall checkbox is selected, the security submenu on the left side main panel will be displayed after system reboot. Lite if you want the system to use G. The default setting of system log is disabled. Windows Usb Serial Port Emulator. After entering your settings, select Next. Indicates we cannot access the WAN comtredn.

Type root in the user name field and in the password field, and click OK. Lite Enabled Sets G. Table of Contents Manual

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