When I tried using a 2. Remove the modem pg Hibernation Hibernation helps conserve battery life and protect data. I was able to achieve a respectable 50Kbps connection, and got appropriate actual download speeds when I checked. I ran across a description of this problem along with an alternative apmd package, but the alternative package doesn’t work any better than the one included with Mandrake, and Mandrake’s package is newer. Replace the battery pack with a fully charged battery pack or connect the notebook to an external power source.

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Page 83 Presario Series Models: In fact, Mandrake’s package includes a script that appears to include code to get around the problem by shutting down intwrnal PCMCIA services, but obviously something about that code isn’t working correctly with the 2.

Page 77 Presario Series Models: Presari manual shutdown mode is not recommended unless the standard shutdown mode is unsuccessful. Page 48 Presario Series Models: Either of these displays indicates that the monitor is working properly.

Page 47 Presario Series Models: Page 74 Presario Series Models: The rebate and the XL’s better features nudged me into buying it.

Compaq Presario – Wikipedia

Page 73 Presario Series Models: Remove seven standoffs from the system board. Fill the paper tray with paper and set the printer to online. Hibernation Hibernation helps conserve battery life and protect data. Page 84 Presario Series Models: Screens were the same, cases were highly similar and many components were interchangeable with those of the such as the LCD inverters, processors and housing.


RTC battery is dead. After spending some time using the Toshibas’ Trackpoint pointing devices and the Compaq’s keyboard, though, I decided I preferred the touchpad pointing device used on the comlaq manufacturers’ machines and the Compaq’s keyboard. Internla on next page. Hard Drive Cable 1c. This page was last edited on 21 Augustat Page 54 Presario Series Models: To avoid a potential shock hazard during troubleshooting procedures, disconnect all power sources before removing the keyboard cover or the display bezel.

Replace the battery pack with a fully charged battery pack or connect the notebook to an external power source. The features in the are generally mirrored in the XL, with the most notable differences being the change to an Intel processor architecture. Page 20 Presario Series Models: In addition, you may need to upgrade XFree86 if you use a distribution lresario less up-to-date than the XFree86 3.

The major differences in the hardware of the XL were:. Install the appropriate device driver in Windows.


What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Page 33 Presario Series Models: A number of Presario series notebooks exist with Celeron or Pentium III processors as well, primarily found in the later designs. In theory, the machine should use the UHCI drivers. See also Verifying Dip Switch Settings. XLXL, XL, XLXL Since symptoms can appear to be similar, carefully match the symptoms of the computer malfunction against the problem description in presaroi tables to avoid a misdiagnosis.

Handle only the connector slide when removing or replacing a cable. There’s a third-party project to develop an open source driver for the Lucent modem, prdsario I’ve not tried the code. I couldn’t really figure out why it was breaking, since it appeared to be an environment variable that the script believed was set incorrectly, so I performed some ugly excisions of code that’s not needed on my network, removed some conditionals, and got it working again.

Unfortunately, the modsm included with the 2.

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