It really was more difficult than necessary for a driver headcover. These clubs compliment themselves and make the game of golf a little easier. If you happened to shy away from the previous model for this reason, give the MachSpeed Black a try to see the difference. In comparison to the TM SuperFast the performance is almost exactly the same, with just a tiny edge 2 or 3 yards tops to the Nike Black Machspeed. Of course the further I hit a shot from the center of the club face the less distance I got, but if I hit the ball anywhere near the middle of the clubface I got surprisingly good distance out of the shot. Sharp lines with quite a few color contrasts black, gray, and gold that look busy, but very sleek.

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The overall look of the SQ MachSpeed Black driver is very striking — if Darth Vader played golf, this club looks like it came straight out of his bag. What we mean by more is that they offer an easy transition for mschspeed. It has these incredible sweeping lines, it is all black and is said to be one of the faster planes in the niie.

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Product Review: SQ MachSpeed Black Driver | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

Holiday Cheer Contest Day 2: The odds of you making golf’s rarest shots. I just ordered a set of these last night after trying dozens of sets over the past two months. Sorry, there was an error in submitting your review. Can anyone comment on a comparison between these and the Diablo Edges? Looking forward to trying them out up aq in Canada.


It just clutters the look if you ask me and with the scoring lines on the face, it would be unnecessary. In a head 20111 head driver distance comparison, this on average was my longest driver.

Throughout the swing the increased weighting at the corners in machapeed to the advanced aerodynamics helps keep the clubhead square to the swing arc, and the square shape and the lines of the clubhead just seem to promote its traveling straight through the ball towards the target.

The acoustics are noticeably quieter than those of its predecessor — the sound is a solid, pleasing strike. It is very forgiving.

While purchasing these I also bought the Mach Speed Driver and nile woods. But maybe the surprise for me with this driver was the all black Fubuki. The deciding factor for me was the forgiveness, which went to the nike machspeeds. While it is still Nike, it is more like the VR line, but just a little different tone than that too. The sides feature a black foam material with the MachSpeed logo on one side and Nike swoosh on the other.


But lest I give the impression that this driver is perfect, there are two tiny little issues I have with it. So Im pretty sure I will pick either the Diablos or the Machspeeds for my next irons.

Product Review: 2011 SQ MachSpeed Black Driver

Niek is rather wide, which offers great side to side forgiveness, which by the way is one of the great features of this driver. I guess maybe the Nikes provide more workability? While I understand the MOI of the square heads, there is still something to be said about a little more traditional looks.


Predictions for the major championships. The new Nike SQ Machspeed fairway woods will use the power of Total Swing Aerodynamics to help golfers hit the ball further and straighter. I was considering the previous Slingshot set that has the 3 -5 hybrids. I think the tip section must have been beefed up just a little bit. Of course the further I hit a shot machsperd the machs;eed of the club face the less distance I got, but if I hit the ball anywhere near the middle of the clubface I got surprisingly good distance out nikr the shot.

Also having the black STR8 Fit hosel made adjustments for my swing a piece of cake. The ladies could not stop talking about how much they loved the white shaft they said it really made the entire club stand out and gave them confidence when setting up to the ball.

It felt like the diffusers helped to guide the clubhead 20011 the swing. The dramatic visual design grabbed my attention, and the distance I gained kept my attention. It looks great, matches the club design, protects the head and shaft, it is just too hard to put on.

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